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Isobel Routledge


Isobel Routledge is an infectious disease epidemiologist and mathematical modeler. Her research expertise is in infectious disease surveillance, spatial epidemiology and  malaria in elimination settings. 

Isobel has experience in carrying out research and technical consultation to inform the surveillance and control of a variety of diseases including malaria, onchocerciasis, SARS-CoV-2, and influenza, and has worked with a wide variety of stakeholders including Chinese Centers for Disease Control, the Salvadorian Ministry of Health, the Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Programme and Public Health England. She was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, San Francisco and a member of the Experimental and Population-based Pathogen Investigation (EPPI) centre before recently moving to work for the California Department of Public Health as part of their Enhanced Surveillance team.  

Isobel received her BA degree in Biological Sciences from Oxford University, and has PhD and MRes in the Epidemiology, Evolution and Control of Infectious Disease from Imperial College London. 

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