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Philosophical and psychoanalytic perspectives on leadership, wisdom and citizenship

Reflective analysis of the way we facilitated the British Airways MBA prompted the first of several studies of group dependency between leaders and facilitators (Gosling and Ashton, 1994; Gosling & Case, 2013b). Later work looking at community identity and leadership (Gosling 1996b) drew on attachment theory to link the psychoanalytic concept of ‘containment’ to classical concepts of ‘care of the self’. This builds on earlier work on Platonic influences on leadership theory (Gosling 1996a) and ideas about wisdom and knowledge (Case and Gosling, 2007; 2011; 2013a). A paper first presented in 2008 focuses on friendship and betrayal in leadership (French, Case and Gosling 2009), followed by subsequent chapters on shame and betrayal (Gosling, 2012); and on the aesthetics of power (Sutherland & Gosling, 2016).

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