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Wes Balda

Author and Facilitator

From serving on editorial boards of academic journals to publishing in a variety of genres Dr. Balda continues to write, most recently co-authoring “Xenophon to the Sustainable Development Goals : An interweaving of collective engagement” for the Springer Handbook series. Also, aspiring to be a story teller, he writes for his grandchildren – an example is “Little Juniper’s Splash Day!”. At some point in the past, he set a record at the University of Cambridge, by finishing his PhD dissertation in two years. As an academic administrator he has long supported faculty scholarship, including editing, manuscript review, and as a dissertation reader. As a Crisis Manager in several additional roles, he provided oversight for multi-agency reports, internal and public communications, technical reports, and grant funding, including a multi-million dollar project for USAID. Dr. Balda’s approach to supporting authors relies more on contributing as a coach/mentor for authors and teaching project management and execution, rather than critiquing and editing submitted works.


As Dean and/or Executive Director, Dr. Wes Balda has led business schools and their initiatives, ranging from the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, George Fox University School of Management, University of Oregon, Centre for Advancing International Management - St. Georges University, Grenada, to the Robert P. Stiller School of Business at Champlain College in Vermont, USA. For much of this time, he concurrently served as President of The Simeon Institute, an educational nonprofit organization. 


Dr. Balda received the Ph.D. in History, studying organizational sustainability, from the University of Cambridge, and continues to serve as President of the Simeon Institute, headquartered in Unity, Maine, USA.

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