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Health Work

We have along-standing interest in how good leadership contributes to the continuity of care as well as innovation in typically stressed health systems. (Actually the term 'system' probably tells only half the story: health care is as much a 'life world' in which people generously patch together solutions. The 'system' is often a fortunate and hard-won appearance!)

Amongst our current engagements in health are:

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A 2-year programme offered by McGill University in Montreal, Canada. We run the 4th module in Bristol, UK, focusing on 'the collaborative mindset - managing relationships'. (The learning design of the whole programme is based on our work on 5 managerial mindsets: Reflective, analytic, worldly, collaborative and action-oriented). We will collaborate with local health organisations and public well-being campaigns on the delivery of this module - please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

2. Operational and quality improvements to malaria elimination programmes in southern Africa. Working with staff at all levels (from village health workers through lab technicians and provincial administrators to Ministry officials) we design and support team-based work to identify, analyse and solve operational challenges to malaria elimination. Currently working mainly in Zimbabwe and Namibia with expert facilitators in those countries, we also help to run a post-graduate facilitator training certificate course with partners at University of the West of England. The project overall is directed by Amanda Chung of the Malaria Elimination Initiative of the University of Southern California. This project draws largely on the methods and approach of the 'RoundTables' programme described elsewhere on this site. 

Facilitator training programme, Zimbabwe

Facilitator Training Programme, Zimbabwe.

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