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Global Health

The Pelumbra Global Health team works to support health systems and health development partners as they tackle the complex issues on which service delivery depends, on the ground every day in every facility. The best technical solutions depend on a complex interplay of information management systems, clinical protocols, team dynamics, competing organisational priorities, funding and policy support - all of which ultimately require productive working relationships. The Pelumbra Global Health Team includes people with front-line experience and multi-disciplinary perspectives. 

• Strengthening health service delivery in both developed and developing countries through an expert team in Participatory Action Research, Organization Development, Quality Improvement and Global Health. The team has worked with: NHS UK, MoHCC Zimbabwe, MoH Eswatini; MoH Namibia; and team members have wider experience in the Mekong region, South Asia, South America and across Africa. 

• Specific infectious disease program technical support including malaria control and elimination, HIV and sexually transmitted infections through world renowned academics and public health specialists in the team

• Evidence generation and dissemination through provision of technical assistance with study design, analysis, manuscript writing and writing retreats 

We have a long-standing interest in how good leadership contributes to the continuity of care, quality-improvement and innovation in typically stressed health systems. (Actually the term 'system' probably tells only half the story: health care is as much a 'life world' in which people generously patch together solutions. The 'system' is often a fortunate and hard-won appearance!). This focus on leadership includes organising and delivering accredited programmes partnership with appropriate universities and other professional bodies.

Amongst our current engagements in health are:

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