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Counselling & Coaching

In addition to organisational consulting we also provide confidential in-depth one to one support and personal development for individuals. This can be assistance with temporarily difficult circumstances at work, sustained support through a particular transition, or open-ended exploration of the patterns in one’s life in and out of work.

It is our experience that organisational development throws up unusual opportunities for the people involved. Change can be made more progressive, intelligent and successful when these personal opportunities are catered for. For example, if an organisation is changing in ways that requires front-line staff to be more adaptable and inventive, they may succeed if aware of what enables them to be flexible and secure enough to take initiative. Their managers may also have to desist from micro-managing and learn to contain more ambiguity – a significant development in itself. We can help people discover this awareness, confidence and ability.

Equally, it is sometimes necessary to start with a simple recognition of being stuck, knowing that one is locked into repeating patterns of behaviour or self-imposed limitations. Working on these can open creativity and opportunity in ways that could not be foreseen, and that are more realistic than many formalised (but impractical) strategic plans or life-goals.

So Pelumbra’s one-to-one work is in service of insight, thoughtfulness, discovery and freedom; to which ends we will work with individuals, teams and organisations.


For Counselling please contact Susanne Gosling or Tanymayo Murray- Clark. Both undertook a five-year MA training at the renowned Karuna Institute which draws on mindfulness to offer a contemplative and supportive approach to psychotherapy. Both are fully accredited with the professional organisation BACP.

For Coaching please contact Miriam Gosling Gage for Personal Development Coaching, Lydia Mutare and Jonathan Gosling for Leadership Coaching

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