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Susanne Gosling


Susanne was born and raised in Germany and experienced transition into another culture when she settled in the UK. She has also travelled and lived in many places in the world, identifies as a European and has an international belonging.

Between 1987 and 2008 Susanne was a professional artist, while also focused in being a wife and mother. Her professional focus was for many years on ceramics, making unique, hand-worked pots and life sculptures. She exhibited and sold mainly in Lancashire, Devon and Cornwall, though also had exhibitions in London and Hamburg.

When her children left home she trained at Karuna Institute and graduated with an MA in 2015, qualifying as a core process psychotherapist (registered with BACP).

Susanne practices a contemplative and compassionate therapeutic approach, recognising the uniqueness of each journey and of each person.

She works creatively in sessions, staying open for whatever is helpful for the client.
Her strength is being in relationship with the other, enabling clients to experience safety, for trust to develop and confidence to emerge.

One of the things she values in her work as a psychotherapist/counsellor is seeing the change in people, watching them become happier as the work progresses.

Her clients have included professionals in health care and academia, self-employed tradespeople, people in business and corporate life, as well as students and others in career transitions.


Tel: 07786 333 466  


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