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Below is a brief selection of published articles, books and chapters. If you would like to know more about these works or others, please connect to the associates through their bios.

Articles in journals (Peer Reviewed)

  1. Gosling, J. (2017) ‘Will we know what counts as good leadership if Things Fall Apart? Questions prompted by Chinua Achebe’s novel’ in Leadership 13(1): 35-47

  2. Gosling, J. (2016) ‘Philosophical aspects of management, governance and organization in China’ in Frontiers of Philosophy in China 11(4): 535-539

  3. Sutherland, I., Gosling, J. & Jelinek, J. (2016) ‘Aesthetics of power: why teaching about power is easier than learning for power, and what business schools could do about it’ Academy of Management Journal of Learning and Education 14(4), 607-624


  • Jeanrenaud, S., Gosling, J. & Jeanrenaud, J-P. (2016) Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach, Wiley

  • Jia, F., Gosling, J. & Witzel, M. (2015) Sustainable Champions: how international companies are changing the face of business in China for Greenleaf

  • Jones, S. and Gosling, J. (2015) Napoleonic Leadership: a study in power London: Sage
    Gosling, J. and Villiers, P (eds) (2012) Fictional Leaders: Heroes, Villains and Absent Friends London: Palgrave

Chapters in Books

  1. Case, P., Gaggiotti, H., Gosling, J. & Caicedo, M.H. (2016) ‘Of Tropes, Totems and Taboos: Reflectons on Morgan’s Images from a cross-cultural perspective’ in Örtenblad, A., Trehan, K. & Putnam, L. (eds) Exploring Morgan’s Metaphors: Theory, practice and research in organizational studies, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage pp. 226-241

  2. Gosling, J. & Sutherland, I. (2016) ‘Leadership Development’ in Storey, J., Routledge Companion to Leadership Studies

  3. Gosling, J. and Case, P. (2015) ‘Leadership: Philosophical Contributions and Critiques’ in Mir, R., Willmott, H. & Greenwood, M. (eds) The Routledge Companion to Philosophy in Organization Studies London: Routledge

  4. Gosling, M. (2017) Breaking the Zero-sum Game: Transforming Societies Through Inclusive Leadership, Emerald Publishing Limited

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