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Precious Chitapi

Health work and Leadership

Director, Precious Innovations Ubuntu Global Charitable Trust. 

Precious has vast experience in community and corporate communications at local, regional, and international levels. She has held managerial positions in Public Relations Departments for blue chip companies in manufacturing, media/broadcasting, tourism, retailing and mining. Her communications skills are leveraged by her studies in educational psychology, being multilingual – fluent in English, Shona. She is a trained languages teacher, marketer, and public relations expert.

Precious is a skilled Organization Development Facilitator and has expertise in a range of social scientific research methodologies. She has extensive experience as a consultant in health and other sectors. She is also a visiting fellow for the University of West England.

Precious is a LEAD implementer ad well as the person administering the project.


She has been a subcontractor on several research projects in Southern Africa, some notably funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since 2016. Her most recent contracts have been for the Improvement Collaborative for Malaria Elimination in Namibia (2018-20) and HIV prevention research in Zimbabwe (2020-23).  

Precious is co-author (with Professor Case, University of West England) of an article published in 2020 in the Malaria Journal which documented research conducted in Zimbabwe and a manuscript on malaria programme management policy currently in review with The Lancet Global Health.

Precious believes in diversity and inclusion. She launched Woman Magazine, Zimbabwe’s first women’s magazine featuring women achievers as role models for future generations. The publication enhanced strategic alliances with Government, Business and Non-Governmental Organisations as a platform for training, counselling, coaching, and educating communities on health and education, with special focus on the girl child. 

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