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Phil LeNir

Coaching Ourselves Founder

Phil LeNir is president of CoachingOurselves but thinks he is still just an electrical engineer working on the incredibly complex challenge of helping organizations develop their leaders. He co-founded CoachingOurselves with Henry Mintzberg after adapting Henry’s ideas on management education for use directly in his place of work.

Phil LeNir has a Masters in International Management and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. He also almost completed his Bachelors in Music from Concordia University but quit during his second-to-last semester to start an internet company in 1994.

Prior to CoachingOurselves, Phil held senior management positions in software firms specializing in speech recognition. He developed a patent in speaker verification systems and was responsible for developing speech recognition systems used by, or some might say inflicted upon, millions of people each year.

Phil has authored numerous articles on leadership development and even one on a novel multithreaded computer architecture. He also wrote a book on social and informal learning for management development which, much to Phil’s surprise, has done well in Japan.

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