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Business, Nature, Value: Leadership of transitions to more sustainable ways of living and earning a living

Linked to our founding role in the One Planet MBA and One Planet Education Networks (a partnership with WWF international), we have conducted several projects at the intersection of value-creation (business), the constituents of life (nature) and what becomes practically and culturally precious (value). For example we conducted 8 case studies of how multi-national companies in China are innovating specifically to reduce their environmental footprint. This evolved into a focus on their supply chains, and gave rise to three articles in the Financial Times, two conference papers (for ISPIM), two refereed journal articles (Triflova et al 2013; Gosling et al 2015), 4 teaching cases (with Jia) and a book (Jia, Gosling & Witzel, 2015). A study of the impact of international companies on agricultural producers in Colombia, and the leadership of the interface between these local and international firms. This took a special focus on the dairy industry and may contribute to the peace-building process in than country. This is in collaboration with colleagues at Univerisdad de Los Andes, (especially Dr Ximena Rueda) supported by a Newton-Caldas grant 2015-2018.

Much of our thinking in this domain is brought together in Sustainable Business: a One Planet Approach, a co-edited text-book (Jeanrenaud, Jeanrenaud and Gosling 2017)

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