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Leadership and management development

Drawing on over 30 years in the field, and many studies of the contribution made by various interventions in organisations ranging from formal management training to collective narrative processes. (Gosling 1996; Gosling and Mintzberg, 2002; 2003; 2004; Bolden, Gosling and Wood, 2005, Gosling & Case 2013b, Sutherland & Gosling 2015, Gosling & Sutherland 2016). Two 2-year research projects for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education produced numerous reports and articles (see references to Bolden, Gosling and Petrov; and Naidoo, Gosling et al 2014), and many insights into the tensions between administration and leadership of professional, knowledge-intensive organisations such as hospitals, professional services, and software firms. A collection of case-studies describing leadership development in health care organizations around the world was published as part of a KMPG/NHS report in mid-2016, and summaries of some of the case studies are published on this website.

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