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Leading Continuity and Change

Sustaining the continuity of operations and, more importantly, of shared identity in organisations is crucial to contemporary organisations – in fact arguably advanced capitalism drives change at such a hectic pace that the most important and demanding work of management is to enable sufficient continuity for adaptations to be thought through and constructive, rather than reactive and defensive. Our early work in this area looked at conflict resolution processes (Gosling 1994a;1996; Linstead, Gosling et. al. 2004; Gosling and Case 2013a), and is now focused more directly on general leadership roles, and on partnership work – key to a wide range of issues including system-wide coordination of health services, flood defence schemes, cross-border disease control. A report for the Malaria Elimination Initiative of the UCSF Global Health Group (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) summarised Program management issues in implementation of malaria elimination strategies (2014) and together with a subsequent paper (Gosling et al. 2015) suggested specific managerial tools and training regimes. A subsequent action-research project applying the recommendations runs from summer 2016 in Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

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