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This programme is led by Miriam Gosling-Gage

What is it?

My Future, My World is a program designed by young people for young people who are or have felt frustration with the current state of the world (focusing on politics, national government and the climate crisis). Meeting monthly with like-minded future leaders (that’s you!) we will discuss what we can actually do about it. Facilitated by Pelumbra Ltd this programme will help you create strategies and give you accountability to aid you in your role as an effective changemaker in our world today and in the future. 

Who am I?

I’m a 30 something woman with experience in leadership and management positions in the arts, corporate and NGO sectors. I run a family consulting business with my dad and I’m a freelance personal development coach. I have been running large scale events and programs for over a decade on behalf of international NGOs, creative arts organisations and Pelumbra. For a time I sat as Director of Peace and Global Studies at a Quaker school to focus on my work in Youth Leadership. In my spare time I work with TEDxExeter and The Wardrobe Theatre as a Trustee. I also lead campaigns for conflict-free minerals in consumer electronics. 

What will happen?

We will gather once a month online for 2 hours.

Each gathering we’ll quickly introduce ourselves, though sharing is at your own discretion. We’ll work through a series of co-coaching exercises together based on the discussion and requests from the group. Personal stories are welcome each week, as well as challenges that people might like to have feedback and support on.

What does the network offer?

In a world of discourse, hopelessness and impending climate crisis, how do we approach these challenges together? How does My Future, My World make a difference?


We will use a variety of methods to reframe our encounters, listening to one another as well enjoying a drink together online. The aim is for participants to leave empowered and energised to take action and to develop tools you can take back into your daily life. 


We will discuss:

  • What is holding us back and why? 

  • What are our worries and what might we like to explore? 

  • How can we connect in our work and personal lives to enrich our learning and happiness?


Each month I will ask for feedback about what worked and what didn’t. There’s a plan. But a loose one that will be flexible around what each of you has to offer. I will  be there to hold us to account as a group and to get the conversations started. But the rest is up to you, we want you to shape the programme.  


As well as a Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, the monthly sessions will culminate in a one day workshop exploring your personal challenges with experts in their current field who will be sharing their experiences and expertise.  


At the end of the 5 months of gatherings and the one day event you will leave with:


  •  Being connected to more circles,  communities and cultures throughout  Bristol. 

  • Challenge expectations

  • A how to approach to your own             challenges

  • A new group of friends

  • A change maker in every sector in Bristol to connect to 

  • Be confident in Friendly Consulting       (co-coaching method)

  • Be able to engage with problems by     analysing your feelings and the facts to it separately. 

  • Feel supported and listened to

  • Gain skills and tools to share in work as well as everyday life

  • A clear sense of purpose

  • One2 One coaching if requested. 

Who's it for?

This is for people who are already taking action in one way or another to improve our future prospects – through business, community, politics, arts or otherwise. We aim to convene a group of 10-18 action-oriented thoughtful people. Join us if you value structured but informal peer-learning, and want to be part of a progressive force to build influence in and around your community.

Why the need? Where does it come from?

Meeting once a month offers the opportunity to develop mutual understanding and trust, strengthen working relationships, expand friendships and engage more powerfully in persuasive conversation. We’ll exchange ideas, stories and challenges with some co-coaching involved too. Through individual and group activities, lively discussion and informal exercises, we’ll explore the challenges in life and work we face alongside the political, social and climate unrest.


I have developed this network having felt a sense of hopelessness about so many aspects of our world today, and most of all, for where it is headed. Having been involved in so many exclusive programmes for senior management and leaders, I am excited to bring these opportunities to the people that are our future - our young leaders. 


Through this work and my experience as a personal development coach, I have recognised a common thread of both in individuals and communities facing challenges but feeling no network to support them. In a world that has become so disconnected, My Future, My World can become this network. If you've ever felt that decisions are beyond your control or that they are made by networks unreachable to us, then it's time to open our spheres and work systems to stand alongside each other.


I want to invest in our young changemakers, giving them the opportunity to learn from new networks and systems and to improve their skills. Through this programme they will become incredible, empathetic, empowered and energised leaders that the world will need to face the next set of unimaginable challenges. 


There are no fees and direct costs for joining the network and attending the monthly gatherings.


We will be meeting online via Zoom.

We will be meeting again in the autumn of 2022. Dates and times to follow shortly. 

How to Apply

Write to Miriam with a brief CV or one-page note about yourself, your work, your commitments and the changes you are involved in.

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